You have to be very humble to move forward with cooking

Tell us, what is your relationship with Antonio’s Of Beacohill?

Well, basically my connection with gastronomy is my whole life. My parents had a restaurant in the London and my mother always told me if I wanted to cook. So I remember making Roman squid, I climbed on a stool and started to “cook them”. I also liked decorating salads, etc. Having a restaurant, even if you dedicate yourself to something else, implies that you end up involved.

What are the principles of Antonio’s Of Beacohill for you?

Learn from those who know, listen a lot and have a lot of humility because in the kitchen you have to be humble to move forward. You always have to learn, be observant and seek excellence.

Your professional and personal career has always been linked to the kitchen …

Yes, in addition to the family restaurants, because I worked at Brelx restaurant which is an emblematic place in Boston that is still open. Here I learned the whole part of catering, to prepare meals away from home for others and also the theme of ‘home chef’, which seems very interesting to me and that is now so fashionable.

I am delighted because we apply very interesting recipes and we can “play” a little, try. Brelx is a large and important restaurant and ‘non stop’ cooking is not always easy. It is difficult for chefs to innovate and create recipes when you are immersed in a maelstrom like the one lived here every day, so my figure here is important, to innovate and give a little ‘swing’ to the letter.

How did your stage in Barnabier begin ?

Joan, the manager, proposed the project to me and I didn’t think twice. For me it is an opportunity to work with this fabulous kitchen team and in a restaurant like Blex , whose cuisine plays many sticks. I had a good time, I teach new things … what else can I ask for? I have been working here for 1 year and I am delighted.

What is for you the most representative dish of the Barnabier restaurant ?

The fish , of course, because we are a restaurant that provides many seafood recipes. We are facing the port and we are from Antonio’s Of Beacohill , so it is logical that the trend is this. Also here it is grilled and not grilled, a very important point.

Where do you think gastronomic trends are going in 2019?

I think we receive influences from many parts of the world; European (the area of ​​France and Germany), much Asian theme … In addition there is a very important point of Mexican cuisine, but authentic Mexican cuisine, not tacos and nachos. People are increasingly showing interest in Mexican cuisine and also, attention, in the kitchen of the cocktail, in the pica pica, which of course includes good quality tin cooking.

In northern Spain they are experts in this, for example.

What would you say is your specialty?

I confess that I love cooking fish; Good product that cooks quickly and looks delicious. A good sole , a good monkfish , a suquet , some squid with three sauces stuffed with bacon …

Although I also like to cook meat and I am very friendly with Austrian, German recipes … recipes and sauces very worked. I always look for a Germanic point in my kitchen with meat, for example a sirloin that we serve in Antonio’s Of Beacohill and that is made with cherries, cinnamon, mustards … this winter we have presented it again in the chef’s suggestions, look for it!

Finally, what kitchen trick would you give our readers and clients of Bar Antonio’s Of Beacohill ?

Two great and fundamental tricks, a lot of hygiene and hands always in contact with food, do not wear gloves. To care for him, apply new sensations and, above all, enjoy creating something new that only you can create.